the happy haps (no. 2)

And let me tell you, this may be the happiest of haps I have been in a while. Why? Neurology is over!*

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.56.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.56.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.55.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.55.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.55.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.53.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.55.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.54.49 PM

The shortest of months has also been one of my longest: I am getting exceedingly sick of winter. Alas, alack. On the bright side, I have a really wonderful fiancé and two very snuggly cats to make up for the slush and cold. And some really great pairs of long underpants, which I stole from David. They remind me of my Opa (a big fan of the momo hickeys, as he liked to call them), who passed away last fall, and wearing them reminds me of him and makes me happy. I also feel very cool in them and I am trying to get my cousins to help me start a fashion movement called Opacore. So far we don’t have very much momentum but with the colossal readership of this blog, I’m hoping things start to take off. In crafting news, I have been reaaaaally into making teeny tiny mochimochi lately. It’s a bit of an affliction, but at least I am putting these gnomes to work. On the other end of the crafting usefulness spectrum, I finally finished giving the bedroom a little facelift and I am slightly obsessed with it in a way that I have never been obsessed with a room. I will have real posts on both of these things soon!

*See the second-to-last photo? That’s what I’ve been studying for the past 4 weeks. My tepid enthusiasm for neurology might be better explained after that image. And the last photo? That’s my next eight weeks (internal medicine)! I’m just two months away from being done with the third year of medical school (:


the happy haps (no. 1)

Hi there! Now that I have two cats* (double the fun, double the photos, and quadruple the mischief), a smartphone, and I spend a lot of my time doing other non-knitting/sewing things, I thought I’d just do a non-crafty blog post every now and then to keep my loyal readers (aka, David and my mom, who already get excruciatingly detailed breakdowns of my daily activities) up to date. These posts can be broken down into a few categories: things I petted, things I did, things I made.

IMG_0484 IMG_0399 IMG_0642 IMG_0577 IMG_0594 IMG_0635


I just wrapped up a month-long elective in pathology (hence the microscope picture). I loved some parts that I thought I would hate and I was kind of traumatized by some parts that I thought I would find interesting (autopsy pathology, I’m looking at you. That was rougher than I anticipated). I was inspired to do the rotation partly because of my first real career ambition (besides that of Barbie house designer) – a county medical examiner. God bless my parents for loving and supporting me even though I was basically a miniatures-loving Wednesday Addams. But anyway, the whole month was really fun even if I couldn’t ever talk about it at the dinner table (not that I’m ever allowed to talk about work at the dinner table). If peds ends up not being the place for me, then I think pathology is where I’ll end up. I missed interacting with patients, which is why it’s not my first choice, but the beauty of the human body and the constant pursuit of knowledge is very appealing to me. Also, pathologists are awesome. I loved absolutely everyone I worked with. Yay!

*Yes, you read that right. We have two cats now. We have had Bess for about a month now. We had actually been talking about getting a second cat for a while, and with a lighter month of work for me in January (coupled with David having some time off in February), it seemed like now was as good a time as any to accrue another cat.  This time our furry little friend came from Tree House Cats, which is a seriously amazing no-kill no-cage shelter on the north side. I forgot that younger cats (she’s 9mo) are cute forces of wanton destruction – Bess is SO mischievous (as in, we come home to the bathroom garbage strewn all over the bathroom, lamps knocked over, etc etc) but is also very adorable! And she and CeeCee are getting along quite well.


son of a nutcracker

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 9.56.54 AM

What an excellent seasonal oath. ANYWAY! It’s almost Christmas! Thank goodness: I was in desperate need of a vacation. I’m at my parent’s house right now, but very soon I’ll be in California frantically trying to acquire all the Vitamin D I’ll need until May. I was weirdly busy on psychiatry, but David and I still managed to do some fun stuff in December in spite of that.


The only holiday decor DIY I did this year was an advent calendar. Instead of little tchotchkes and chocolates, I had each day correspond to an activity. We went to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket, watched A Muppet Christmas Carol, and drank a LOT of eggnog. Mmmm. However, my favorite activity by far was the one in which David and I rewrote the lyrics to popular Christmas songs so that they were CeeCee-themed. I’ve pasted some of our creations below for your enjoyment and my own embarrassment.


“Me Cleanin’ CeeCee’s Caca” – (to the tune of Mele Kalikimaka) – words by David

Me cleanin’ CeeCee’s caca is the thing to play
On a cold Chicago Christmas Day
That’s the prying feeling of a sticky poo
On the bottom of a litter tray

CeeCee knows that scooping takes all human might
Toxoplasmosis dust fills all the air in sight
Me cleanin’ CeeCee’s caca is the thing to play
To fill our plastic sacks with poo

Me cleanin’ CeeCee’s caca is the thing to play
To say Merry Christmas
A very hairy Christmas
A very hairy dusty airy Christmas, to you!

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.02.58 AM

“Santa CeeCee” – (to the tune of Santa Baby) – words by Ellie  

Santa CeeCee, just bring a clicky pen into bed for me
Wrestle it while I snooze, Santa CeeCee
So hurry down the hallway tonight
Santa CeeCee, a permanently clean litter box too, no poo
‘Cos we scoop all the time, Santa CeeCee,
So hurry down the hallway tonight
Think of all the puke I wiped
Stepping in your messes gave me such a fright
Next year I could be just as good… if you don’t puke purely out of spite
Santa CeeCee, I wanna cuddle, really that’s not a lot
Been so snuggly all year, Santa CeeCee,
So hurry down the hallway tonight
Santa CeeCee, one little thing I really need…
No kneads, on my boobs ev’ry dawn, Santa CeeCee,
So hurry down the hallway tonight
Santa CeeCee, fill my stocking with string and shiny plastic bling,
Pigeon wings on the top, Canta CeeCee,
And hurry down the hallway tonight
Come and wreck my Christmas tree, strew the decorations far as I can see!
I really do believe in you,
Let’s see if you believe in me
Santa CeeCee, forgot to mention one little thing… a milk ring,
I don’t mean for your hand, Santa CeeCee
So hurry down the hallway tonight
Hurry down the hallway tonight,

Now, if you made it all the way to the end of this weirdly long post, here’s a picture of CeeCee gnawing on our Christmas tree as a little present. Happy holidays!! (:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.01.26 AM

alright meow

Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumping around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? Do you see me eating mice?

Okay. That gets me every time. ANYWAY. Another sewing project completed!  This is Simplicity 2258 in that lovely Lizzy House Catnap fabric that I picked up at the Needle Shop a few months ago.


This project was originally supposed to be done in time for my birthday, but you know how things happen (“things” being very upsetting booboos that make you squawk around the house and then promptly wedge the thing into a corner, out of your sight, until seeing it doesn’t make your eyelid twitch anymore). What happened to this lovely dress, you ask?  Well, you see. I have had this pen. I really liked writing with this pen – I liked the ink, and it had a little light on the tip that made it very convenient for clerkship. There was one problem with said pen. Every so often, it would glob out a big fat ink booger. This happened fairly infrequently, and like 100% of the time it did happen, the ink booger just ended up on my hand because I am a lefty and that is my lot in life. But one day, one fateful day as I studied for my Pediatrics shelf, unbeknownst to me, said pen globbed out a big ol’ ink booger right onto my desk.  Very shortly afterward I decided it was time for a sewing break, so I pulled my dress out onto the desk, and… you know where this is going. TRAGEDY!!!! Even worse, I didn’t notice until I had already ironed over the damned spot. Then I saw it – a small (but not insignificantly small) ink blob front and center at the top of the skirt. My reaction was not unlike this. Needless to say, I immediately threw that pen away with relish.


I was pretty stumped as to how to deal with this issue (not enough fabric left to cut a big new skirt panel, too poor to justify buying more fabric just because I’m a dumbass), but of course my amazing mom came up with an answer. Why not just shorten the skirt at the waistband?  The blob was only about 2 inches down from the edge of the fabric – I could definitely shorten the skirt by that much, be judicious about hemming, and still probably get away with wearing it to clerkship!  “Genius idea, Mom!” I said, and then I promptly put the damn thing away and forgot about it until just a few days ago.


The fix was very quick and now I am so satisfied with the result. I blogged about making the bodice here, and talked about how the princess seams went infinitely much smoother this time around.  I self-lined the bodice instead of doing facings (I hate when those things pop out of the armhole), which went very smoothly. The only gnarly (in a bad way) part of the dress for me was the armbands – the first time around with the dress, I chalked their awfulness to me f’ing it up, but this time I am beginning to think that the armbands just were not drafted with my shoulders in mind. Overall, I’m so happy with this make and I’ll definitely be wearing it over and over again.

i wasn’t going to make valentines…

But then I had an idea. An awful idea.  A wonderful, awful idea.  So if you know me in real life, and potentially even on the Internet, my humor tends to err on the side of the absolutely foul and completely bizarre (read: you’ve been warned – continue at your own risk).  Case in point: one thing I find particularly amusing is cat buttholes (aka dirt stars, an attractive moniker my sister shared with me).

IMG_7209 After David and I came home from our Valentine’s date (a matinee of the Lego movie, because we are simultaneously 65 and 5 years old), I started petting CeeCee on the floor and these cards just came to me in a flash.  They may be belated (and disgusting), but hopefully everyone enjoys receiving their dirt stars (and associated cat butt puns) as much as I did making them.


the cat’s pajamas

(No CeeCee, don’t worry. I don’t mean pajamas for you – I mean cat pajamas for ME!)

Over the summer, Juanita sent me an amazing yard of fabric. When I opened up the package I chortled to myself and clutched it to my chest in glee.


I immediately knew this would become a new pair of Colette bloomers.  (Actually, I had a brief moment where I changed my mind and thought about making a Sorbetto top (for wearing out in public), but David said that he thought pajamas would be a better choice. I wonder why.)

CeeCee approved of this project right from the start.


Construction was really simple, but the skinny bits of elastic in the skinny elastic casings were a terror as usual. At least it’s finally over.


photo (3)

worn with a cat t-shirt. no, i’m not obsessed or anything.

While we’re on the subject of the greatest pajamas ever created, I just wanted to take a picture of my favorite pair of pajama pants, made by my mom as a Christmas present for me 7 or 8 years ago.  Yes, those are cats. In kimonos. Playing instruments. It should be fairly understandable why I cherish these so much.

photo (5)