Hi!  I’m Ellie!  Here I am.


But why am I here? I was raised by my mama to love all things crafty, and spent a good deal of my childhood oscillating  between different hobbies (miniatures! beading! an ill-fated stint with embroidery!) As I got older, I stopped having as much time for crafting – not because I was busy or important, but because I thought I was too busy or important for crafts.  I managed to suppress most of my crafty desires until one day I felt oddly compelled to learn how to knit.  This totally inexplicable urge for what I assumed would be 2 afternoons of grumbling and undoing knots before I shamefully stuffed the supplies into a corner of my closet turned into an explosion of craftiness that has lasted for over two years. Now I knit, sew, paint, and attempt all sorts of other interesting and unfortunate endeavors.

I also enjoy things besides crafting – spending time with my boyfriend and cat, eating sandwiches (sometimes doing those things simultaneously), and exercise in pretty much any capacity, especially gymnastics.  In my free time, I attend medical school. (In case you were interested, and let’s face it, this is a craft blog so that is probably not your #1 focus re: my life, I am a fourth-year MD student who plans to specialize in pediatrics.)

let’s be friends! find me on ravelry

Pertinent conflicts of interest: I link to a lot of things – other websites, products I use, etc. Unfortunately for my yarn-beleaguered bank account, I don’t get any money for doing this. So if I link you to something, I really think it is awesome. Or it is a funny picture/video/gif of a cat. The latter is infinitely more likely.


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