the happy haps (no. 1)

Hi there! Now that I have two cats* (double the fun, double the photos, and quadruple the mischief), a smartphone, and I spend a lot of my time doing other non-knitting/sewing things, I thought I’d just do a non-crafty blog post every now and then to keep my loyal readers (aka, David and my mom, who already get excruciatingly detailed breakdowns of my daily activities) up to date. These posts can be broken down into a few categories: things I petted, things I did, things I made.

IMG_0484 IMG_0399 IMG_0642 IMG_0577 IMG_0594 IMG_0635


I just wrapped up a month-long elective in pathology (hence the microscope picture). I loved some parts that I thought I would hate and I was kind of traumatized by some parts that I thought I would find interesting (autopsy pathology, I’m looking at you. That was rougher than I anticipated). I was inspired to do the rotation partly because of my first real career ambition (besides that of Barbie house designer) – a county medical examiner. God bless my parents for loving and supporting me even though I was basically a miniatures-loving Wednesday Addams. But anyway, the whole month was really fun even if I couldn’t ever talk about it at the dinner table (not that I’m ever allowed to talk about work at the dinner table). If peds ends up not being the place for me, then I think pathology is where I’ll end up. I missed interacting with patients, which is why it’s not my first choice, but the beauty of the human body and the constant pursuit of knowledge is very appealing to me. Also, pathologists are awesome. I loved absolutely everyone I worked with. Yay!

*Yes, you read that right. We have two cats now. We have had Bess for about a month now. We had actually been talking about getting a second cat for a while, and with a lighter month of work for me in January (coupled with David having some time off in February), it seemed like now was as good a time as any to accrue another cat.  This time our furry little friend came from Tree House Cats, which is a seriously amazing no-kill no-cage shelter on the north side. I forgot that younger cats (she’s 9mo) are cute forces of wanton destruction – Bess is SO mischievous (as in, we come home to the bathroom garbage strewn all over the bathroom, lamps knocked over, etc etc) but is also very adorable! And she and CeeCee are getting along quite well.




  1. I love catching up with all the tiniest details! OMG — 2 fur babieeeesss…. We keep casually thinking about getting Pickle and brother / sister for company, but knowing Pickle, she won’t like the idea of sharing her house. So happy to hear that Ceecee is so accepting of little Bess! What’s your formula?!

    1. awww pickle would probably eventually(?!?) cotton on to a buddy!! i am always pro-cat accumulation. our formula…there was none haha. the first night we tried to keep them separated but since we live in a smaller apartment and they were aware of one another’s existence, it was miserable and they both yowled all night long. from then on out if it seemed like bess was pestering ceecee too much we would take bess into the bedroom, close the door and play with her while ceecee had a bit of a break. but i think it mostly helped that ceecee had had kittens before we adopted her so i think the mothering instinct kicked in once she realized bess wasn’t going to kill her. their personalities also mesh really well – they are both super playful and spend all day chasing each other, but bess is laid-back enough to let ceecee be the boss. okay sorry i talked way too long but i am excited about the potential twinkle in your eye that is a second kitty!!

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