a mad man, a box, and a pair of earrings

Saturday, August 23 was a special day. It was a day for which I had waited since CHRISTMAS! It marked the return of Doctor Who and the beginning of Twelve! EEEE. In order to celebrate (besides wearing my TARDIS shirt, drinking out of my TARDIS mug, dressing my cat as a TARDIS, you know, the usual), I made some earrings (which then subsequently went unphotographed because the camera was in Alaska and I was in Chicago).


These aren’t just any celebratory earrings. The beads are abstract-ish DW-themed ones I made from my summer class last year.They were among the first beads I made, so they’re quite rudimentary in comparison to my chickens and initial attempts at flowers. The little blue rectangles are little TARDISes, and the red,white and blue beads are a mini-tribute to my favorite Doctor, Ten (and his 3D glasses).


Since the 23rd I have watched the new episodes multiple times and engaged in many serious discussions about the new Doctor, Clara and other companions, etc etc. My opinion? I like Twelve. I like his grumpiness, I like the fact that he seems mad (in multiple meanings of the word), I like his kvetching, and I just absolutely loved, loved, loved the scene with the silver platter in “Deep Breath.” One thing that will take some getting used to: the Scottish accent. I definitely would have benefited from some subtitles of all that very Scottish ranting. That being said, I thought “Into the Dalek” was kind of poorly written and very confusing and while I am super excited about Danny Pink, I thought his initial character development was not done well. What do you think? And if your response is that you don’t watch Doctor Who, then I suggest that you change your television viewing habits (and consequently, your life) posthaste. That will be all.


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