it’s about time

It’s time to share the end of a project that is both cathartic and shameful. Cathartic because IAMSOGLADIT’SALLDONE (hem, sorry), and shameful because I should have finished the dang thing like seven months ago. Whatever could this project be? David’s “Christmas” sweater, which I have been working on for god knows how long. Well, I finally just pushed through to finish the last 6 inches of sleeve, the seaming and the collar. THE END. SAYONARA. HASTA LA VISTA. BOOM.


Okay. So here’s the actual sweater. A little lumpy here and there, but who isn’t? It actually fits pretty well in the shoulders, arms and torso length. When I was knitting, I actually did modify the sweater and knitted all the pieces (including the sleeves) about 2″ longer than recommended because I knew that David has such a long chest/arms. There was no rhyme or reason to the extra that I chose, I just kind of picked a random number and knit to that point. I seriously almost cried with relief when he put it on and it didn’t look terribly misshapen.


My biggest gripe for this sweater is that the collar/neck area is very tight. I don’t think I screwed up while knitting, and I blocked it to their specifications, but I don’t think even I could button this thing all the way up around my neck. I wonder where I went wrong – so strange.


Guess what? This is the first ever adult sized sweater that I have finished. (Not the first one I’ve started, but I’m coming for you, you stinkin’ gray cardigan.) Hooray for knitting milestones! Now I’m off to work on my own cardigan, which is mercifully a) much smaller and b) a much more interesting color.



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