farewell to may

Okay. Am I the last person to post about MMM14 on the internet? Maybe. I’m slow. It should not be surprising to anyone, least of all to me, that I completely fell off the Me-Made wagon around week 3.5.  Waking up at 4:45 in the morning to bike to work as the sun is rising is just not conducive to taking selfies, especially when one doesn’t like to take selfies in the first place. Here’s a random smattering of what I wore in the last few days. My favorite outfit was my pink Sorbetto with the blue cardigan + grey slacks.

MMM 14 taught me a lot about my sewing.  I need to make more of an effort to make it look nice (ugh, taking my time with stuff),  and I just need to do it more. Practice … and practice and practice and practice forever makes perfect. It’s easy to make a lot of excuses for yourself when you’re busy, broke, and don’t care that much about clothes, but what’s the point of making things if you don’t make them well? MOVING ON. Here you go. Now time to spend some real actual time sewing (instead of studying for the pediatrics shelf exam/OSCE, which are apparently so terrifying that I cannot induce myself to do anything to prepare for them).

photo (21) photo (20)

photo (22) photo (23)

_MG_7929 _MG_7894



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