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I have a teensy tiny (and by teensy tiny I mean 5 and 1/8 yards) confession to make. I might have bought some fabric even though I was definitely supposed to be stashbusting.  And I might have had a torrid love affair with said fabric over the course of the past week and I sewed two Sorbetto tops and have basically spent all my spare moments thinking about the dress I’ll hopefully sew in time for my birthday.

I got all the fabrics over which I’m slavering at a local fabric store called The Needle Shop, which is probably the cutest place known to the sewing world and I desperately want to be friends with everyone who works there slash walks in the door (shy people problems). They have lots of quilting/fashion weight cotton and home dec fabric, all in excellent prints. I went in there last Saturday just to look for some bias tape/interesting trim (oh the little lies I tell myself) and came out with 3 cuts of fabric.  One week later, I’m up two shirts. Yay!


_MG_7911 _MG_7929

I love the Sorbetto top because it lets me show off a yard of fabric that I really love, whether it’s for the color or the pattern, but it only takes one yard. Hallelujah, said my bank account.

Theeeeeen, I might have caved and bought 3 yardsof fabric in something that I have been desiring since basically the second I first saw it on the Grainline Studio blog: the Lizzy House Catnap fabric.  Is it basically everything I want in a fabric? Duh. Is it professional? Nope. Am I going to wear it to clerkship anyway? OF COURSE.  (That is, after I make it into a dress, probably Simplicity 2588 – wearing just a sheet of fabric to clinic is beyond even my realm of acceptability).  I’d like to make this to wear on my birthday, which will hopefully be the only way I acknowledge its existence in every sphere of my life.  Now it’s time to get sewing!



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