bring on the lady skaters

Now that I sew knits and do all sorts of fancy sewing stuff (ha), it was time for me to try my hand at a few Lady Skaters!  I’ve made two so far.  I’m out of knit fabric for now and I’ve just stocked up on some wovens, so no more purchases (and thus no more Lady Skaters) are allowed until I clear out some stash. Here’s how it went.

My first one was made from the same feather fabric as my first Renfrew. I didn’t photograph myself in it extensively (case in point: one iPhone selfie and a picture my mom took of me messing around with a model skeleton in the school library).  However, I feel like it fit pretty well.  My biggest critique was that the waist was a wee bit low, and so I made the adjustment to raise it for future makes.  It was also tight in the shoulders, which I attributed to the fact that I had made the seam allowances 5/8″ in some places thanks to that very annoying clear elastic. I was hoping I’d be able to get away with wearing it to clinic, but I don’t think that’s going to happen – the neck band makes it look pretty obviously t-shirty.  Alas, alack.

photo (6)


On Saturday I finished my second Lady Skater, this one in a minty green cotton jersey. I thought the Girl Charlee website said both this fabric and the feathers one had the same stretch content, but this one seems much stretchier and consequently there’s actually some positive ease on this dress. The extra space could possibly be attributed to me paying closer attention to better seam allowances, but I don’t think it would have made such a striking difference (I basically have to Houdini-style dislocate my shoulders to get into the feather dress, and this one just slips on).  Overall, it was one of those makes where I finished it, and I thought I really liked it until I tried it on after it was all done – then my reaction was more along the lines of “hmmm.”  I did get a bit of an ego boost on it when I wore it to brunch with David on Sunday; moments after leaving our building two women walked by and I heard one comment on how she thought my dress was cute. (:  I’ll probably adjust the armscyes a bit before I wear it again, but for now I’ll relish the compliment.

_MG_7836 - Version 2



Also!  Despite the fact that I live less than a five minute walk away from Lake Michigan and the beautiful enormous park that runs along its shores, this is the first time David and I have traipsed the mighty distance of two blocks to go photograph my sewing in said park. Embarrassing? Yes. But the results were so nice that I will definitely no longer shirk from the photography expeditions (:


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  1. I just love your mint version–such a beautiful color on you! I’ve been meaning to make some Lady Skaters, and yours are tempting me to order some knits…

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