me-made-may, week 3

Another seven days, but not quite so many handmade outfits.  Big excuse: the weather in Chicago took a huge turn for the worse (think SNOW in the suburbs on Friday) and I just could not supply the makes to meet the weather. Boo hoo.  Here’s the breakdown of what I wore.

photo (18) photo (17)

photo (16) photo (15)

  1. Sunday, 11 May: it turns out later on I was feeling like wearing something handmade…pajamas!  I didn’t take a picture, but I wore the cat pajamas that I blogged about here.
  2. Monday, 12 May: Not sure how I feel about these two pieces together, but right now this is the only pair of work pants I have that goes with this Sorbetto. Ah well. (More Sorbettos are on their way, woo!)
  3. Tuesday, 13 May: I didn’t wear any me-mades to work, but I came home at noon with a migraine and spent the rest of the day in my other pair of Madeleine mini-bloomers (thank goodness I have multiple pairs of those!) Today was also unphotographed because I could not keep my right eye open for a majority of the time I was awake.
  4. Wednesday, 14 May: After feeling pretty gloomy about not putting on a me-made garment, I realized that the trench coat I’ve been wearing to clinic almost every day qualifies (by my definition) as a me-made.  I bought it at Salvation Army for $6 in 2006, but it stayed unused (because it was such a creepy flasher length) until 2011 when I decided to shorten it. It was my first real project where I was like “I’m going to learn to sew beyond just forcing my mom to hold my hand through a pair of pajama pants!!!!!” and you can really tell.  It is veeeeery lopsided. But you know what?  I don’t have any eyeballs near my knees, neither does anyone else that can talk, and this coat is perfect for this weather.  Take that, I say to my inner judgmental sewing anxiety voice. Take that.
  5. Thursday, 15 May: Another day in the trench coat.  It was so cold that I also wore my white coat under the trench. As you can see by the weird shape of my hips under the coat, my pockets were totally full.  Welcome to third year.
  6. Friday, 16 May:  Just my Regina hat and the trench (again) today.  This was the day it snowed in the suburbs – so miserably cold.  As you can tell, I look pretty unimpressed with the fact that a wool hat was a necessity in mid-May.
  7. Saturday, 17 May: Unphotographed, but I wore my Renfrew tee today while David’s friends came over and brewed beer.


  1. OMG you look so cute in that hat!! My hair is all wrong for cloche-type hats, and I’m so jealous of people who can pull them off. Seriously, ADORABLE. (even though it sucks that you needed it in May)

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