Weeks 1 and 2 (well, more like 1 and 0.5-ish) of MMM-14 are done!!  I’ve actually been surprisingly successful at wearing my creations, even though I don’t have a whole lot of them (so there are some repeats) and it is colder than all get out in Chicago right now, and most of my makes are warm-weathery things. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve sported thus far.  (Sorry for the crappy quality of photos, but I am so not into being photographed every morning at 7:15 AM, and I also don’t have an Instagram, or a smart phone for that matter, so these are all taken on my boyfriend’s iPhone so I can email them to myself easily. Thanks boyfriend.)

(I feel like I should clarify: I’m counting “me-made” as anything I have either made from scratch or modified beyond stuff like simple hemming.)

Anyway!  Allons-y, and welcome to my messy bedroom with unfinished artwork on the walls.  I also suck at taking selfies.

photo (2) photo (1)

photo (4) photo (5)


photo (13) photo (12)

photo (11) photo (10)

photo (7) photo (6)

  1. 1 May: Renfrew top
  2. 2 May: skirt sewn from Simplicity 1873
  3. 3 May: doodle-shoes copying a design I saw on some Miu Miu flats
  4. 4 May: doodle-shoes inspired by henna designs
  5. 5 May (a cheat day): my cat pajamas
  6. 6 May: repeated my Simplicity 1873 skirt (it is just too darn cold for all my summery skirts, sigh)
  7. 7 May: Simplicity 2588 in batik, my first real independent make!
  8. 8 May: Banana Republic pants which I cropped
  9. 9 May: Pleated skirt
  10. 10 May: Lady Skater dress
  11. 11 May: No me-mades today(!) I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

I am really pleased about how MMM is going thus far: I’ve actually succeeded at wearing something me-made (almost) every single day (I’ll be honest, I only put on the cat pajamas out of a sense of obligation, but whatever) and I’m getting compliments on what I’m wearing, which is hugely life-affirming and all that.  These past few weeks have also really helped me think about where I have holes in my wardrobe.  Conveniently, MMM coincides with a time where all of a sudden, I need to wear a LOT of professional clothes, all the time (whereas before I was wearing them once or twice a week, tops, and I basically wore no pants at all, ever, for the entirety of March and April – the perks of studying for boards alone in your apartment).  I really see where the holes are in my wardrobe – SEPARATES.  Specifically, bottoms that don’t make me feel like “bleh, winter” but also are work-appropriate.  So instead of making another Simplicity 1873 dress in some grey poly poplin I have, I think I’ll convert it into a skirt.  The light grey will look nice and summery, and I’ll have something besides a couple pairs of trousers to wear with my blouses.  I’m thinking of doing a Sorbetto with short sleeves with the leftover grey fabric.  Hooray sewing! Hooray MMM! Also hooray contrived song puns as post titles!

(On another hooray, I PASSED STEP 1. Yee!)


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