new life to not-new pants

Confession: I don’t like shopping (unless it’s for craft supplies, or new gym shoes).  Something about the simple act of buying something that is essentially an anti-nudity, anti-death-by-exposure device but is somehow inflated in importance to comical proportions makes it an excruciating process for me. (Pretty damning for someone who blogs about making, you know, clothes, but whatever.)  When I shop, I occasionally shut down and enter this robotic “pleasegodgetmeoutofhere” autopilot that causes me to make hugely unwise decisions in the fitting room. Case in point? These pants.


I bought them at a consignment shop before I started my first year of med school.  I think a combination of several things caused me to go for them:

  • I was shocked that they were small enough for my waist while still large enough for my thighs (not an easy balance for me)
  • I was also pretty pleased with the price tag ($13 for a pair of totally new, $90+ price-tag-still-on, Banana Republic slacks)
  • I was also probably so flustered by the whole shopping experience that I forgot to look at my ankles closely and realize these pants were waaaay too short and the cut on the leg made it look like all of my leg was the circumference of my thigh. Neither aspect is flattering in the slightest.

Needless to say, I haven’t worn these pants at all. Whoops. I’m always looking for the next unused item to purge from my closet, so I gave myself an ultimatum: make the pants wearable, or say adios.  Because I can’t ever make things easy for myself, I chose the former. Here goes my sorta-refashion!

Since the pants were too short and the hem wasn’t wide enough to take them out to the desired length, I decided to make a pair of straight-legged cropped pants.  Still not the most desirable cut for someone with short, muscular legs, but it’s better than flood-height bell bottoms.

I measured, pinned, said a prayer, cut (that was the most expensive piece of clothing I’ve ever cut up so it was very stressful), and sewed.  And… ta da!  I sported them to clinic Thursday, and I’ll be wearing them regularly from here on out.





  1. 13 bucks for something highly-retailed and it checks all the boxes? I say that’s a good buy. Even better was making it work. Didn’t realise that pants needed to be tailored at the bottom to flatter — I SO do not have any fashion sense!

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