tee bee tee

I’m doing the Internet right, right?

As I sport more of my makes during MMM, I uncovered one that I made before this blog was even a twinkle in my eye – the first dress I ever made, and also coincidentally my first ever independently made object!  When my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, she gave me the very solid piece of advice that I should choose a relatively simple dress pattern, some fabric I liked (but didn’t like too much) and just dive right in.  So I picked Simplicity 2588 and a pink-and-tan batik print, and then began my trial by fire.  The result was actually surprisingly good! Some parts are weirdly puckered in places, and I refuse to look at the lapped zipper for fear of getting irrationally angry with myself (invisible zips 4eva), and I may have shed a few tears over the princess seams, but I really like this dress!  It fit pretty well (well, four sizes below my recommended size on the pattern envelope fit pretty well) with no modifications, something that definitely hasn’t always happened for me.


Here’s the dress in its just-finished glory, more than two full years ago. Ugh, time flies. There is my icky old undergrad apartment kitchen in Evanston, and I cannot believe how much hair used to be attached to my head. Ahh I sound old! I guess I can’t even do a “cool youth” Internet hastaggy thing without sounding like a nostalgic old lady. Newspapers and milkmen and walking to school uphill both ways in the snow!  Get off my lawn. The end.


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