me-made-may, and a few sewing milestones

Oh my.  I’m not even sure where to start, y’all.  (At the beginning, I suppose.)  Guys. Gals. Everyone. I sew SO SLOWLY. The good folks at Merriam Webster should consider putting the word “slewly” into the dictionary to describe my sewing habits.  No task, no matter how simple, goes quickly for me.  I have never made anything in one sitting…until now.  And to top it all off, the first thing I ever made in one sitting was also MY FIRST KNIT FABRIC GARMENT.  Oh mylanta, it was a good day in Ellie Craftingland (population: 1 (and one cat) and immigration services are pretty unwelcoming). This is the lovely Renfrew top, a pattern I purchased 100% because of the cowl neck version but I don’t intend to sew until it gets cold again (never mind the fact that it is still really freaking cold in Chicago).



The construction process was very simple, and I can see myself making about a bajillion more of these.  I probably won’t add the waistband or cuffs on following versions, especially the short-sleeved cut.  I have some more knit fabric and next up is a Lady Skater (or two, hooray)!   All of these projects will contribute to my stash of clothes for Me-Made-May, in which I’ll be participating this year.  I think my goal for the month is something handmade at least three days a week.  I’m so excited that I finally have enough hand-makes to participate!



On another note, if you look closely in the photo above you can see my veiny arms and where they were poked multiple times today in the name of education. We learned how to put IVs into patients…by doing it on each other.  No fainting, and only one arm bled everywhere.



    1. surprisingly the poking was not the worst part – all the apologizing afterward was 😛

      and YES! i used a cotton jersey, so it wasn’t quite as stretchy as stretchy can get, but my machine (i don’t have a serger) didn’t eat it or stretch it weirdly at all. you should definitely try knits – their scary reputation is not deserved. (:

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