hallo there

Dobby is a free elf, Smeagol is free, nobody puts Baby in a corner, etc. The boards are over and I could not be happier.  In terms of undignified and epic knowledge dumps, taking Step 1 was analogous to giving birth in the bathroom at one’s high school prom. Not that I’ve done that to know what that’s like. But let’s move on from that. I’ve had the most magnificent two weeks off: first in California, and then at home. Much knitting, reading, sleeping and whatnot was had.

David and I visited his parents for a week, and we all headed to Yosemite over Easter weekend.  It was pretty magnificent knitting with this as my background.


Then it was off to my parent’s house out in the country, and I continued the knitting but also did some other crafts.  My Oma has an awesome collection of old vintage house parts (pretty common when you have an old vintage house) and we connected old glass doorknobs to bits of rebar and made garden stakes. This was my mom’s idea – she is so crafty.


IMG_7770My big project over the course of vacation is a lovely springtime project: the Clarity Cardigan. It’s a bright green color, which is exactly what I needed after too many neutral projects (although I’m still not quite done with David’s sweater – that will happen this week). I did manage to make a lot of progress on the Clarity Cardigan, thanks to all my delicious unfettered free time. It’s looking pretty good, but it’s hard to try on to tell completely as the craft store only had 29″ needles, and my back is definitely not only 29″ around (that was my not-so-subtle humble brag to inform you that my back muscles are basically the female version of Daniel Craig’s. just kidding, except not).



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