fashionably late.

One day, someday, I will finish knitted presents in time for people’s birthdays. And then I will hop into my hovercar and zoom over to work where I’ll perform surgeries to implant wings and invisibility switches into humans.  (The part of the story where I am a surgeon should immediately tip you off that this will never happen.)  For the time being, everyone is going to have to cope with my lateness (or be honored by it, Kanye style).  I recently finished the Spiral Cowl as a birthday gift for a friend (only two months late!).  Chicago is actually still pretty cold, so she might actually be able to use it before next winter.  Ha.


The picot edge was an interesting endeavour, and mine is more lumpy than picot-y. Alas, alack. Also, part of the reason it took me so long to knit this was that I absolutely despise repeating k2tog YO patterns, and this was only that for what seemed like a million bajillion years (mostly because I kept running away from this project).  Give me a tricky cable pattern any day.


And no. I’m still not done with David’s sweater. (I’m getting there, though!)




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