knit-me-up pick-me-up

Every now and then, you just have a few days where you wish the universe would pay you back by dropping something nice and happy and soft and cuddly your lap. Most of the time the universe drops CeeCee in my lap (while she is all of those aforementioned things she also has teeth so sometimes that doesn’t work out), but today the universe dropped Yarncon (and hence new, soft, cuddly and very nice yarn) into my lap. Phoebe accompanied me on this most fanciful foray into the fiber world, and hoo boy did we have a wild time.  I haven’t bought yarn in FIVE MONTHS (um, what) so I didn’t feel too guilty about these purchases (which were really not even all that numerous!!!).

First up is the yarn of my dreams – a DK superwash merino in the Tango colorway from Daizie Knits. I am definitely making it into the Marble Falls Cowl.



Next up is a fingering weight yarn from Fleur de Fiber. The yarn-lady (what do you even call these folks?) is Chicago-based so I’m guessing the fact that this colorway is called Green Mill is not a coincidence.  I need a pattern for this still so if you have any suggestions (cowls particularly, ones that you could picture Al Capone’s girlfriend wearing) please send them my way! (:


This was just what I needed to pick up my spirits, which will now be lifted for the rest of the week while I contemplate all the fun knitting that awaits me after I finish the boards. Yay yarn, yay soft squishy fiber, yay universe, yay for being on vacation in eight days, yay for sesame & red bean paste balls tonight! Okay back to work.



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