the mad scientist at rest.

I’m at a weird point in school where I no longer have class or homework, yet I’m working harder than I have in the past year and a half.  Why? It’s boards time!  By all accounts of med student peer pressure, I should be studying 12 hours a day and freaking out about my future, yet here I am talking to you about a sewing project I finished the other day.  Two worlds. I is straddling them.

_MG_7307 So anyway. Yes, this is a bathrobe. And yes, that is mad scientist print flannel.  My old bathrobe was just that – old.  I think there used to be a photo on our fridge of my mom wearing said bathrobe, and that was taken before I was born.  (Coincidentally, she made that one herself!)  I love it and use it all the time, but it’s a bit…short.  I could not take the cat litter to the trash chute in the morning without fear of someone seeing the underside of my tush. Not desirable- it was time to trade up and get weird. This bad boy is sufficiently long – and sufficiently science-nerdy – for me to spend all my mornings until the exam wearing it while I study.


I used McCall’s M5248, which was a really simple pattern.  This was a fairly quick and very easy project without any major snafus.  Even though it’s not the slightest bit fancy, I took it as an opportunity to practice my fancy techniques, and French seamed pretty much the whole thing (aaaand my topstitching turned out to be not-very-crooked!). Get back with my bad self.  And speaking of getting back… it’s time to get back to work.



  1. That print is brilliant, do you know who made it? I really need to make a new bathrobe too, mine is worn to death, I also inherited it from someone else, 15 years ago or so… Good luck with your boards!

    1. thank you! and i bought the fabric at joann’s – i threw out the selvedges so i can’t be sure but i think it was one that was made for the store, so it might still be there!

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