alas (earwax)!

Do you ever have that moment when you’re making something, and things seem way hunky dory and you feel just the teensiest bit (okay, maybe very) smug about yourself? And then is that moment swiftly followed up by the horrible catastrophic realization that you’ve made an enormous mistake?

So that was my Sunday night.  I had finished the left front of David’s cardigan and I was about to start on the sleeves when I decided that I just had to see how all the pieces looked when they were arranged as if they had already been seamed.  So I laid the fronts on top of the back and aligned the shoulder seams and cables, but for some reason the left front cable panel just would not match up with the back.  Then it dawned on me. I had knitted the cable panel for the entire left front in the wrong place. I knitted it IN. THE. WRONG. PLACE.  I wanted to set something on fire (read: myself. I wanted to set myself on fire, and not in a deep way like in the Stars song, but in a real, angry, orange-flames-y sort of way).


a beautiful, complete, WRONG left front

Because I couldn’t take the emotional trauma of knitting the whole fricking thing over again, I decided to try some sweater surgery and intentionally drop the 19 offending stitches all the way down to the end of the ribbing and knit them back up again, this time with the cables in the right place.  I’m about six inches into the surgerizing process and things seem to be going…okay?  It’s actually only slightly noticeable, and I think that after the first washing it will disappear entirely.


  oy. vey.



better. ish.

Obviously my Ravellenics goal for finishing the sweater by Friday is out the window (it was kind of out the window before I even noticed the error, but let’s just pin this all on the mistake so I don’t feel so guilty about not finishing), but I suppose there are worse things in the world than missing a self-imposed and completely artificial deadline.



    1. the only thing that gave me chutzpah to do it was the knowledge that otherwise i’d have to frog the whole thing entirely. so i guess my laziness triumphs over my lack of guts 😛

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