hello captain obvious.

This post serves as a PSA for all knitters who have not discovered the obvious excellence of blocking. Because I was one of them until very recently.


A while ago (like a year and a half ago), I knitted the Rib Lace Scarf/Cowl while TA’ing a class that involved a lot of sitting in the back of a lecture hall. (Also, it was summer and it was too hot to do anything except go into work early and leave late so I could sit in the air conditioning, and what else was I going to do but knit?) Anyway, I finished the thing probably in mid-July, and then immediately stashed it away because just looking at it made my palms get all sweaty.  When I pulled it out again in the fall, I remember thinking, “Wait. I don’t like this. Why?!” I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that the answer (“because you didn’t block it, ya big dummy”) did not occur to me until three weeks ago. Dur.  To celebrate me coming to my senses, as well as Chicago’s warmest day in the past two weeks (it was 19 F this morning and my face felt positively WARM), David snapped some pictures of me outside in the snow.


The good news? I am now obsessed with this and I want to wear it all the time. And I will never not block again.

Also shown: my most amazing super duper warm hat from my amazing big sib Phoebe.  She knitted this with yarn from her dad’s alpacas. Yes, her dad owns alpacas. This is only one of the many reasons I like her so much.


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