cabin fever

I’ve reached the point in wintertime where I start to suffer from crippling cabin fever. Rather than run around outside to beat the overwhelming sense of nuttiness (too cold, too wet, too windy, too everything unpleasant), I’ve been staying inside and nesting. This means lots of half-finished projects and a huge mess (of course), but I do finally have something to show for my puttering: mini bulletin boards!


I saw a photo for these somewhere in a magazine or on Pinterest and thought “how bad can it be?” The answer: not too terrible!  The only obnoxious part was the thin roll of corkboard I used. It was all Michaels had, and boy was it a poop to work with. So crumbly. Much swearing.


I am excited that I can finally show off (and easily rotate) through my large collection of postcards that I have accrued over the years. This is all part of a larger project which I’ll hopefully finish (and blog about) soon! (I know – I’m sooooo exciting and suspenseful.)



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