I don’t share many medical school stories on this blog, for many reasons – HIPAA, they’re depressing or too gross to put on the internet, might jeopardize future employment, and most commonly, my life is actually too boring to discuss. But this one involves nothing humiliating for anyone but myself, and isn’t too gross, so I thought I’d share.

Today, we learned how to do the pelvic exam. Our “patients” were specially trained actors who also taught us how to do the exam. Regardless, I still felt pretty nervous. One of the key elements of the learning the exam is “talk before touch,” which is exactly what it sounds like. As I was going through this process, I very calmly informed the standardized patient that I would be inserting “two fingers into my vagina.”

I feel pretty confident in saying that when it comes to embarrassing myself in front of half-naked patients, I may have peaked early. But since my second favorite thing to do (after humiliating myself) is proving myself wrong, stay tuned.



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