2014 cometh

I’m back! Actually, I came back on Tuesday and life has just been a bit hectic. Costa Rica was lovely and warm and exciting and full of sloths.  Thanks to all the dermatology lectures that filled me with a paralyzing fear of melanoma, I used loads of sunscreen and I am not tan at all.

IMG_6953Coming back to Chicago was a bit of a shock, even though we just experienced the tail end of the miserable cold (albeit without winter jackets). I can only imagine how terrible the two days beforehand must have been. Even though I now pine for sunshine and shorts weather, it’s great to be home – I missed CeeCee and knitting very much over the course of the trip.

IMG_5605Right now I’m trying furiously to crank out David’s cardigan (still nowhere close to done), but I’m going through a sewing phase at the moment as well.  Then there’s that whole school thing. All the gynecologic cancers look the same.

Every year, I normally make myself huge lists of resolutions that span just about every facet of my life, complete with categories and sub-categories and measurable objectives for each goal. However, all this activity hasn’t given me much time to sit down and plan for/resolutionize the upcoming year, but I’m beginning to think that isn’t a bad thing.  This is going to be a weird year.  If I make it to May with my happiness, sanity, and career prospects intact (and then manage to not screw up clerkships too badly) it will be a good year indeed.  So I’ve just got a few big goals: build my discipline, remember what’s really important (read: knitting. Knitting is the most important), and to not complain too much.  Here goes.


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