merry christmas, ya filthy animals

The past few days have been incredibly busy with holiday prep, vacation prep, knitting, and of course, that med school thing.  David and I are headed to my house TOMORROW for a delicious six days of pure unadulterated laziness. Before we say goodbye to our cozy apartment, Christmas decorations, and sadly, our KITTY, I thought I’d share a few pictures.

Behold: our Christmas tree, complete with CeeCee licking her butt in the background. She has been nowhere near as destructive as I originally anticipated.



Christmas cookies! While my baking often looks like cat vomit, luckily it doesn’t taste like it.

IMG_5617I want to include some knitting photos, buuuuut I’m knitting only Christmas gifts at this point and I want to pretend that at least some of them are a surprise. But hey! I’ve made (very minimal) sweater progress since my last update. I anticipate finishing the back and hopefully a sleeve by Christmas.

Photo on 12-20-13 at 12.31 AM



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