it’s christmas! a homemade stocking.

Hooray December! Hooray three weeks until Christmas! David and I put up our Christmas tree and celebrated with sushi, hot chocolate and homemade peppermint marshmallows (courtesy of his cousin).  I felt so into the Christmas spirit that I decided to post about a Christmas craft.

C9 Christmas lights are one of those things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy and Christmasy. After having grown up with these lights decorating the outside of our house every year, I feel a comfortable and happy when I see their familiar shape. It doesn’t just mean that it’s Christmas, it means that it’s Christmas with my family. Anyway! Cheeseball moment over. David recently started spending Christmas with my family, so he needed a stocking for our family Christmas mornings.  I picked an image that, to me, was the very epitome of our Christmas: the C9 light.  I brought the stocking home before photographing the fully finished product (whooops), but here it is in its beginning and very-nearly-done stages!


nothing goes together quite like christmas and a TI-83

Photo on 12-6-12 at 10.51 PM


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