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Today is basically my nerd Christmas – it’s the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who! I’ve been looking forward to this day for MONTHS.  It’s cold outside, and I’m snuggled up in my apartment wearing a TARDIS T-shirt with a cat who is begrudgingly wearing a TARDIS costume, watching my favorite episodes in preparation for the big moment.

Since I’m not super into fish fingers and custard (or fish fingers with any type of sauce), I thought I’d celebrate with some awesome Doctor Who-themed decorations!  Unsurprisingly, there are copious nerdy snowflake templates on the internet and a fair share of them feature TARDISes. So I made a few to decorate my windows! I shared pictures of my own, and I’ve linked to the templates so you can make your own if you want. (:


The first one that gave me the idea:  Slide5

Everyone’s favorite, the Adipose:  Slide2

A TARDIS/Weeping Angels two-fer: Slide3

I was basically a goner as soon as I saw that this template featured my one true love (hi David), Ten:

Slide4Aaaannnddd that’s it. I had to stop making snowflakes before CeeCee and I were buried under little flecks of paper.  If you need me, I’ll be freaking out over Ten and Rose (but when am I not?).


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