peace, love and SWANTS.

Sweater-loving denizens of the internet, I bring you possibly the best thing of all time: SWANTS. I spotted them on WordPress earlier in the week, and these babies just spoke to me.  I was a goner. And so was my friend and Feinberg big sib, Phoebe.  We each went to Unique (a great thrift store in the Uptown neighborhood, if you’re in the market for just about anything) and found some delightful/hideous/etc sweaters.

After following the tutorial, we ended up with what can only be described as magnificent works of art. I can hardly wait to wear these in just about every public venue possible. Photos below.




I know that you’re sad that this is the end of the illustrious swants photoshoot. Never fear – Phoebe and I still have more sweaters.



  1. Oh – Wow! I’m inspired to write a poem – Those Swants are like from France! They make you dance and prance! Your figure they will enhance! Wear with combat boots, perchance? PS Ceecee is telling me with her eyes that she wants a pair too.

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