holiday knitting update

Way back in July, I decided that since I had been knitting for two years I was morally obligated to make everyone I love a knitted gift for Christmas.  Poor, strange logic, I know, but that was what my brain concluded.  When I step back and think about the project, I sort of feel like I’ve dropped myself off of a giant cliff no yarn at the bottom to cushion my fall. Dramatic much? But really, piece by piece, it’s starting to come together. I’ve gone from this:


orders like this should come with a bottle of ativan.

To this (this being mass-production induced insanity):

Photo on 8-21-13 at 12.06 AM #3

see above caption.

To this (this this being a screenshot of a portion of my master knitting spreadsheet. Yes, I have a master knitting spreadsheet (I think I stole this genius idea from Rachelle) and it is awesome. Naturally, the only project that’s currently high priority is one that I haven’t started and will probably procrastinate on until the very last second and I’ll have to pull yet another (yes, another) knitting all nighter. I am the worst procrastinator at the silliest things):

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.16.49 PM

i’m being purposefully vague because of christmas SPOILERS.

But hey!  I’m 50% done!  One of the remaining projects that I’m simultaneously excited and terrified for is this sweater, from Bruce Weinstein’s Boyfriend Sweaters book.  I’m knitting it for David, so it might just look a teensy different on him than it does on the model. Maybe.




  1. Good job on your organization!!! I am definitely not envious of the many projects. 😉 But you are ahead of the game and well organize. I am going to steal this spreadsheet idea for my stash-busting project!! Inspiring! Thanks!

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