Month: November 2013

GPOCeeCee wednesday

I’m about to head home for Thanksgiving. Instead of frantically finishing craft projects before going home I thought I’d spend some time with my feline friend, CeeCee. I’m already suffering from cat cuddle withdrawal. WAAAHHH.DSCN1136


finally finished – the katniss cowl!

I AM SO HAPPY THIS PROJECT IS OVER.  Mostly, I’m happy because I’ve finished it and I don’t want to frog everything and begin again. This is good, folks.

Below is a screenshot from the movie, along with a very primitive schematic I made up to explain the engineering process that went into the cowl.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.55.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.48.04 AM

Basically, I did a provisional cast on of 30 st and then made increases on every row to create the right-leaning shoulder portion of the cowl. Once I had enough stitches for the shoulder portion, I slipped them off onto scrap yarn and knit the body. To create the waist shaping, I worked until where I eyeballed the waist to be on myself, then worked some w&t rows in a pyramidal fashion to create some extra material on the bottom (sort of like a triangle shaped insert) for my hips.  Once it was long enough, I kitchenered the body piece together and then picked up the shoulder strap, which was just straight knitting with two buttonholes at the end. A little steaming at the end to flatten things out, and voila!

David’s at home for Thanksgiving and CeeCee doesn’t have thumbs, so self-timer it was for these photos (operating it was much more difficult than I anticipated).  But here’s what the finished* product looks like.

DSCN1129 DSCN1130 DSCN1132 DSCN1134(Please note CeeCee photobombing in the bottom right of the top two photos.)

* By finished, I mean finished for now. I might want to shorten it and knit a cool collar onto it, kind of like in the screenshot.  That’s what I kind of like/hate about the self-designed project, I’m realizing – either you tweak forever, or you accept that it won’t be 100% what you imagined. 

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hello who

Today is basically my nerd Christmas – it’s the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who! I’ve been looking forward to this day for MONTHS.  It’s cold outside, and I’m snuggled up in my apartment wearing a TARDIS T-shirt with a cat who is begrudgingly wearing a TARDIS costume, watching my favorite episodes in preparation for the big moment.

Since I’m not super into fish fingers and custard (or fish fingers with any type of sauce), I thought I’d celebrate with some awesome Doctor Who-themed decorations!  Unsurprisingly, there are copious nerdy snowflake templates on the internet and a fair share of them feature TARDISes. So I made a few to decorate my windows! I shared pictures of my own, and I’ve linked to the templates so you can make your own if you want. (:


The first one that gave me the idea:  Slide5

Everyone’s favorite, the Adipose:  Slide2

A TARDIS/Weeping Angels two-fer: Slide3

I was basically a goner as soon as I saw that this template featured my one true love (hi David), Ten:

Slide4Aaaannnddd that’s it. I had to stop making snowflakes before CeeCee and I were buried under little flecks of paper.  If you need me, I’ll be freaking out over Ten and Rose (but when am I not?).

copykatniss update.

Oy vey.  I have started this project over again more times than I’d like to admit. Very frustrating. However, my procrastination on this project + my willingness to frog everything and begin again multiple has produced a more satisfying product with each iteration.  I’m finally at a point where I feel confident that this is it (which is good, because a) the premiere is fast approaching, and b) I seriously need to return to Christmas knits).

It’s not 100% finished, but I have the underarm loop taken care of and kitchener’ed together; all that’s left is to finish the piece that will flap over my right shoulder as shown in the movie still below.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.55.44 PM


Photo on 11-17-13 at 10.43 PM Photo on 11-17-13 at 10.44 PM Photo on 11-17-13 at 10.45 PM


I am not a huge fan of the kitchener-ing on the shoulder seam (I have never been able to not make my stitches look anything other than sad, twisted and definitely not invisible), and I’m thinking about redoing it with another invisible seam stitch – does anyone have any suggestions?  It also needs a good washing so it can even out a bit.  But hooray for progress!

quickie knitting update

I think I have a brain parasite that makes me knit faster.  It’s not mentioned in any of my micro review books, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Because how else could I explain this?

Photo on 11-11-13 at 10.22 PM

i apologize that everything in this photo is a pale beige color…including myself.

It’s the (back of the) Camel Cabled Cardigan! When I really started in earnest on Friday, I had only knitted the ribbing.  (Started from the bottom, now we here, etc., I am so hip and clever and with it.)  For some, this would be a pitiful amount of knitting, but I am flabbergasted by my progress because I’ve still been doing other things (school, exercise, SWANTS).  It’s probably because this is the one project I don’t have to finish until after Christmas, so naturally I want to knit it all NOW.  I’ve decided to take a break for more deadline stressful holiday knitting once I finish the back.

peace, love and SWANTS.

Sweater-loving denizens of the internet, I bring you possibly the best thing of all time: SWANTS. I spotted them on WordPress earlier in the week, and these babies just spoke to me.  I was a goner. And so was my friend and Feinberg big sib, Phoebe.  We each went to Unique (a great thrift store in the Uptown neighborhood, if you’re in the market for just about anything) and found some delightful/hideous/etc sweaters.

After following the tutorial, we ended up with what can only be described as magnificent works of art. I can hardly wait to wear these in just about every public venue possible. Photos below.




I know that you’re sad that this is the end of the illustrious swants photoshoot. Never fear – Phoebe and I still have more sweaters.

holiday knitting update

Way back in July, I decided that since I had been knitting for two years I was morally obligated to make everyone I love a knitted gift for Christmas.  Poor, strange logic, I know, but that was what my brain concluded.  When I step back and think about the project, I sort of feel like I’ve dropped myself off of a giant cliff no yarn at the bottom to cushion my fall. Dramatic much? But really, piece by piece, it’s starting to come together. I’ve gone from this:


orders like this should come with a bottle of ativan.

To this (this being mass-production induced insanity):

Photo on 8-21-13 at 12.06 AM #3

see above caption.

To this (this this being a screenshot of a portion of my master knitting spreadsheet. Yes, I have a master knitting spreadsheet (I think I stole this genius idea from Rachelle) and it is awesome. Naturally, the only project that’s currently high priority is one that I haven’t started and will probably procrastinate on until the very last second and I’ll have to pull yet another (yes, another) knitting all nighter. I am the worst procrastinator at the silliest things):

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.16.49 PM

i’m being purposefully vague because of christmas SPOILERS.

But hey!  I’m 50% done!  One of the remaining projects that I’m simultaneously excited and terrified for is this sweater, from Bruce Weinstein’s Boyfriend Sweaters book.  I’m knitting it for David, so it might just look a teensy different on him than it does on the model. Maybe.