i am that person part two: a TARDIS costume for my cat

One of the truest joys of cat ownership is occasionally dressing your cat up in excellent/silly outfits.  That joy is even more pure when you personally created said excellent/silly outfit.  By this point, my current sky-high level of happiness should be understandable: behold CeeCee’s handmade (by me, not her, that would be freaking incredible and we would definitely be making the daytime talk show circuit at this point) Halloween costume.  She is a TARDIS, although her personality is infinitely more suited to that of a Dalek (maybe next year, CeeCee – I know you can’t wait).


This was both simple and cheap – important things considering that cats are otherwise naked approximately 364 days out of the year, and would probably prefer to be naked for all 365.  I made the cape-let out of felt and puff paint, and then used felt straps with velcro to attach it to her cat harness, which we already owned (yes, we are leash training our cat).


If I never post again, feel free to assume that it’s because CeeCee murdered me in my sleep.




    1. My cat will let you get away with doing pretty much anything as long as she gets to eat through the whole experience. (:

      I love your son’s costume! How did you get it to light up?

      1. LOL that is funny! My cat is almost 15 years old. She is like.. just let me alone… I will ask for your love when I want it!
        For the light we used a party favor that lit up and blinked. In my past costumes like the iphone I used battery operated LED christmas lights.

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