medusa – another cos(ssss)tume

Now that you’ve seen David’s getup for this year, it’s time for my costume!  After a very exhausting and emotionally damaging Halloween 21 years ago when I was Percy the train from Thomas the Tank Engine (the costume, while awesome, prevented me from climbing any steps while trick or treating and my dad got sick of hauling me up to the top of every front porch in the neighborhood so we stopped early resulting in an abysmally small candy haul), I foreswore all elaborate, uncomfortable and heavily structured halloween costumes. That’s my excuse for being kinda lazy every year.  And medical school. Also always a good excuse. ANYWAY.  This year, I was Medusa!


I painted some dollar store snakes silver, cut them in half and glued them to a headband.  For the mask, I used a variation on this DIY to make a masquerade mask using puffy paint and tulle.  This costume, like too many of the other things I do, was totally last minute – I was standing over the mask with a hair dryer until 10 minutes before we had to leave. Consequently, the paint job makes me cringe, but meh, good enough.



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