fine fresh fierce – katy perry halloween costume DIY

This is probably my least unisex and most sexy costume I’ve ever made, all in one go.  A few weeks before Halloween last year, I was chatting with a friend about Halloween plans and costumes.  She casually mentioned that she would like to be Katy Perry one night, and I immediately got super excited at all the crafting and costuming possibilities (specifically from the awesome music video California Gurls).  I didn’t really give her a chance to refuse my offer to make a costume, and then off I went.

Did you know that the Internet is chock full of Katy Perry costume instructables? From the quick and dirty (“dirty” being taken to all sorts of figurative interpretations) to the people who spend over $100 making artificial cupcake breasts, videos and DIYs abound.  I actually used one of those excellent sets of instructions for part of the cupcake bra, but I modified it and I thought I’d share how.

In the end, I settled on making the cupcakes out of newspaper/papier-mache because it seemed to be the best combination of verisimilitude and and cheapness.  The instructions I used are from a blog that is now defunct, but they were super helpful. I wish I could post the link here though. ):  Anyway! I used the newspaper papier-mache instructions to create the frosting tops, but then I also created some cupcake body using the same technique (rolling newspaper, dipping in glue, curving to fit proper shape).

I connected the top and body with some heavy duty glue (o how I love thee, E-6000), painted everything, added some bangin’ sprinkles and some pom-pom cherries, glued the suckers onto a bra, and that was it!


Because I value the privacy of the boobs of the person for whom I made this costume, y’all will get a photo of the finished product as modeled by me. At 1 AM. To my Macbook. The night before an exam. Over my pajamas. With my boyfriend playing video games in the background.  I know, I know – this is the only way the world could handle my blistering sexiness.

Photo on 10-21-12 at 11.46 PM

Cupcake boob triumph!  I’ll get back to y’all when I figure out how to engineer the whipped cream bra.


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