Even before I met David, he was very good at coming up with strange, excellent Halloween costumes.  Then he started dating someone who sews (me), and thus the excellent partnership of bizarre ideas and mediocre sewing talents was born.  He’s been Prince (seriously, the resemblance is uncanny and I feel like I unknowingly sold my soul to the devil when I discovered that jacket in a thrift store),

13939_1172221702466_2068911_nhe’s been a squirrel (twice, actually, but the second iteration was much more convincing),

293735_3879102012782_826296991_n…and this year, David decided he wanted to be an avocado.  The intrepid medical student in me should have maybe been a little more curious about his thought processes and content, and inquired to see if he was, you know, having psychotic delusions about being delicious produce, but instead I just got really excited and started planning the costume.  I’m an enabler.

We started with a chunk of cardboard, cut it into an avocado shape and painted. David’s head would be the pit. Being epic procrastinators about basically everything, the back of the costume was a little lacking. I should have started ages ago and done a proper papier-mache back, but we ran out of time and ended up gluing green fleece to the back. David’s giant melon rounded out the back of the avocado quite nicely, and the fleece was a nice toasty touch on a very cold night.


After going out last night, I can say that the costume was an unexpected hit. Everywhere we went we heard a trailing chorus of “avocado?” “AVOCADO!!”  Someone (a stranger) even ran up to David, declared that she loved guacamole, and then bit him right on the chest. I guess everyone loves avocados.

photo (2)



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