skirting the issue

There is no issue. I just like puns.

Actually, that’s a lie. The issue is that I don’t have enough professional clothes to meet my growing need.  I do have one skirt, but there is nothing professional about reaching up your skirt in public to pull the lining down from where it has come to rest in a bunch around your butt cheeks. I figured it was time to make a skirt that I could wear that would, you know, actually fit without any major wardrobe malfunctions.

Instead of going the pencil skirt route, I decided to go for lots of luxurious pleats a la Simplicity 1873. Actually, exactly a la Simplicity 1873 – I used the pattern for the skirt pieces and just added a waistband. I did have some troubles when it finally came to sewing the waistband down on the wrong side of the dress.  I have a very standard sewing machine, with very standard needles, and this skirt brought them to (and past) the limits of which they were capable.  There were just so many thick pleats on pleats on pleats, and then adding four layers of waistband fabric to sew through created quite a workout for my poor needles. I first had to change one after it became impossibly dull, promptly broke a second needle immediately after inserting it (whoops), and then finally made it across the waist with bated breath on the third try. Ugh. Lesson learned.


Needle mutilation aside, I am very happy with how it turned out, and just in time for me to wear to school today!  As shown below, it’s quite twirly (not that I’ll be doing any twirling in the hospital).  Not shown below: the photo David snapped immediately afterward, in which I accidentally twirled right into the door.



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