i am that person: birthday celebrations for my cat

I know, I know.  Sorry world.  I promise that, in the distant future when I start to rear actual human offspring, I will be nowhere near as disgustingly obsessed with said children than I am with my cat.  All apologies aside, CeeCee turned two the other day (approximately – I’m not 100% sure of her actual birthday, but it’s October 11 +/- a day) and of course I wanted to celebrate our awesome cat’s existence just a teensy tiny bit.


This hat was 100% inspired by the genius that is Adam Ellis’s Tiny Hats for Cats. If you haven’t seen it, check it out (then go rush to make your own feline millinery).


CeeCee was not super chuffed about the birthday hat but she did enjoy the extra yummies and ear scratches.  Being indulgent cat parents, we also bought her a present – a crinkly kitty tunnel!  She was very interested immediately and has already figured out that she can scare the daylights out of me when she lunges out of it.  All in all, birthday success.



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