oh what a weekend

Weekends are a strange thing in medical school. Many weekends I spend working way more than I’d like, and other weekends I spend working way less than I should. But only very rarely do I have a weekend with absolutely nothing academic to do – and this past weekend was one just like that.  Hallelujah!  (Sorry in advance for all the iPhone photos, our camera is out on loan this weekend.)

Of course, I took this time to catch up on so many projects!  Remember my attack of the WIPs post from last Wednesday?  I finished all the projects featured in that photo – WIPs no more!  After putting the finishing touches on (or knitting entirely) four gifts for other people, I felt the urge to be just a teensy bit selfish, so I might have also knitted a cabled headband for myself with some stash yarn.IMG_0307 IMG_0311



After a long quest to the enormous and magical fabric store in Pilsen earlier this week, I was also ready to dive back into sewing.  For myself, I’m working on a poly poplin pleated (just got really excited about that alliteration) skirt in black.  The pattern is the skirt from Simplicity 1873 with an added waistband. I just love the fullness of the pleats and how twirly the skirt feels (however, I’m making this for “professional” med school attire, so I don’t think that I’ll be doing much twirling when I wear it to school).  Sorry for the primitive-ness of the photo, but this thing still doesn’t even have a zipper yet.

photo (1)

I also helped my awesome friend and upperclassman big sib Phoebe make a Sorbetto top out of some awesome partridge-patterned wax print fabric (her blog, while it features much less sewing/knitting, is infinitely more awesome largely because of all the donuts she posts on there).

Phew. Sorry this was so long-winded (I wasn’t kidding about having a busy weekend). Now, off to more sewing and some delicious sesame balls!


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