baby, baby, baby (F)ohhh

(I’m sorry.  Bad puns are an insidious affliction of which I will never be cured.)

ANYWAY!  I am so excited about this post. Why? Because I have two FOs to show for it! Thank goodness for baby knits.  They are so cute and self-contained – it’s about as close to instant gratification in knitting as I can get.  The featured two projects are for a friend’s baby, due in a few months.  In the same breath that she told me she was pregnant, she also mentioned that she would be really pleased with a pair of knitted cowboy booties.


Of course, I was happy to oblige (with the help of the Giddy Up pattern on Ravelry) – and then some. Once I found one baby pattern, it was so hard to stop.  Behold my first (definitely not my last) Baby Sophisticate. Baby sweaters are swiftly becoming my newest crippling addiction (after taking photos of CeeCee, watching poor quality gymnastics videos from the 90s, and taking too long drawing study diagrams that no one else will see).



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