attack of the WIPs

Seriously guys, I’m out of control.  These are just the WIPs that are currently in circulation – there’s also a shameful number of them buried so far underneath other stuff in my tower of projects (I am the Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout of crafts) that I just didn’t want to dig up for this photo.

IMG_4838 Ack. Pictured: Tuesday Night Cowl, Baby Sophisticate (just gotta give it a wash and some buttons!), one baby cowboy boot (without a bottom), and the start of the Growing Leaves Cowl. These (plus 2 other projects I haven’t even started) all have deadlines that fall at about the end of the month (double ack).  Deep breaths and…gratuitous fall foliage. And you thought I was about to finish a post without talking about autumn.

IMG_4836Not so fun fact: I was so distracted when taking this photo that CeeCee almost made her bid to freedom by leaping out of our (only second story, but still) apartment window.  Luckily I noticed her just in time and managed to frantically fling her back into the living room, knocking all my writing utensils off the desk in the process.  Someday I’ll make a great parent.




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