well, this is embarrassing.

Hi all.  If my last post (in which I again ranted about my love of autumn) caused you to picture my extended disappearance from the internet as a result of me lying crumpled in some dank alley, overdosed on the loveliness of fall foliage, I hate to disappoint.  It was actually neuroscience that kept me away from lovely crafts and blogging about said crafts (side note: I don’t think I plan on being a neurologist).

That being said, I’m here to continue on my sick fall obsession (I know, I know, one trick pony) with yet another food object: pumpkin pie cupcakes.  And when I say that, I mean that there are miniature pumpkin pies baked into the cupcake. (That obnoxious formatting was necessary to make my point that these things are insane.)


That being said, they were also the DEVIL to make.  I spent the entire time in the weeds, fending off baking disasters – overall not fun in the slightest.  Luckily David helped out, mostly so I wouldn’t destroy our kitchen.  Thank goodness these things were so good.

I have some more free time coming up (not to mention like eight kajillion crafts that are about 60-80% finished) so expect a knitting overload soon.  ALSO, it’s almost HALLOWEEN (yes, twenty-eight days counts as almost), so I will be showing off lots of costumes in the near future! (:


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