finally fall.

It’s AUTUMN.  Today I woke up and it was positively chilly in my apartment.  Within minutes of my first sip of  tea, I gained full consciousness and identified the strange sensation tingling in my fingertips: a serious craving to KNIT.  I’ve been feeling so uninspired pretty much all summer, especially after forcing myself to mass-(okay, not mass, more like multi-)produce Christmas gifts for all of July.

Rather than throwing myself into more Tuesday Night Cowls (from which I would surely experience immediate burnout), I decided to foster my fledgling urges by knitting something fun: I’m back on the Giddy Up bootie pattern for a friend’s baby, due in December.  I started waaaay back when, a shamefully long time ago, and somehow bungled the first intarsia section in just about every way under the sun. I ripped back and forgot about it.  After picking it up again, things surprisingly went a lot smoother and faster than the first time around. Hooray! (We’ll see how seaming + adding the sole goes, though.) I’ll add photos when I’m finished.

Maybe more baby knits will follow in the near future – I am loving the instant gratification that comes with knitting tiny things (and I also have to finish a few more queued projects before the little one is born!).


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