sewing quickie.

I’m back with another sewing project (conveniently finished right before my August sew-one-thing-a-month deadline and not photographed until now)!  Since I had taken a bit of an extended break, I wanted to ease myself back into my sewing machine (so as to not accidentally drop myself into another frightful sewing glut) with a simple pattern: the ever-popular (and free!) Colette Sorbetto!  While I was at The Needle Shop buying fabric for the Winter Swap, I saw some funky yellow-green remnant fabric that I just couldn’t resist. It wasn’t quite large enough to cut out the pattern in the right layout, so I just converted it so the back would be two separate pieces, cut in half and seamed down the middle.  I bound it off with yellow bias tape.


I like the top, but I do feel as if I look a bit like a vintage Samsonite suitcase (in a good way (if it’s possible for looking like a suitcase to be a good thing)).


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