beady fruits of sweaty labor

Last Monday was the final day of my beadmaking class!  I concluded the session with a full six hours of hunching over the blowtorch to finish all the beads I had set out to make.  Oomf.  While I probably won’t be returning to the glasswork studio on the reg to make beads, it was definitely a cool thing to learn and (temporarily) add to my hilariously long list of hobbies.  I don’t have all my beads back yet (soon though!), so I can’t post/not-so-subtly humblebrag about them here, but some of my favorite techniques I learned were sculptural work and flowers (although admittedly my skills are still quite childish at both).

Even though I still have about 15 beads waiting for me I did manage to turn some of the ones I already have into jewelry! I made these as a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s mom, who loves flowers and the color purple.




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