WIP wednesday

  • The Tuesday Night Cowl has become an Every Night Cowl. In order to preserve my sanity I’ve vowed to only work on these projects during lectures and buses to and from class.  It’s the perfect mindless project, and I get to save the more fun things for when I’m relaxing at home and enjoying the knitting process.  (On that note, I feel like I’m really getting the hang of knitting while making eye contact with/paying attention to others.  In fact, it makes me feel like I’m paying closer attention than before, when I would do everything but physically prop my eyelids open in order to stay even the teensiest bit focused.) Slide7
  • Ugh. Still working on the Katniss cowl. I actually finished the shoulder portion of the cowl only to discover it was overlarge in spite of my surprising dedication to knitting with gauge. Two silver linings: the frogging process was not totally excruciating and this re-do has given me the opportunity to create a cowl more in-line with the one depicted in the preview.  Last weekend I finished the shoulder portion, and soon (ha. whenever that is) I’ll pick up stitches for the last bit. I’m taking lots of notes, Thomas Edison-style on the 999 ways to not make the Katniss cowl, and I still plan on doing a tutorial/pattern for this bad boy.  I’ll keep y’all posted.  I’m still thinking of what would be the best way to clasp it, since the preview doesn’t seem to have a clasp (poo). Slide3
  • Beer sweater! This is also a Christmas gift.  I love, love love miniature things so I can’t get over how adorable the little sweaters are (if I do say so myself).  I had some “duh” moments with the construction of the shoulders, but I’m almost done and I’ll be starting my second one soon! Slide4

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