in absentia

If you weren’t able to tell, school has started up again.  I’ve been having a bit of trouble balancing everything – passing exams! extracurriculars for school! extracurriculars for funsies! cleaning my apartment! knitting! ensuring that my sinuses drain adequately (it would be too difficult and sad to actually explain to you how much of my time and mental energy this has required lately)! letting ceecee chew on minor appendages!  Recently I’ve felt like even the fun stuff is stressful – boo for being stretched too thin.  Luckily, I’ve got a mini-vacation coming up and I’m looking forward to a weekend of delightful nothingness.  NOTHING. I’m serious. I might not even bring knitting.

(Then again, I might need something to distract me from missing my wonderful kitty.)

IMG_3310Kitty fun fact of the day: I dissected a human brain today (yanno, just for fun) and one of the professors who pointed out some structures also shared with us that cats (and rats) have enormous trigeminal nerves (the cranial nerve in humans that allows for sensation on the face as well as motor control of the muscles of mastication), as they process information that arrives from the whiskers. Whiskers are so cute.

TL;DR: I’m still alive, but I’m a living person currently struggling with work-life balance.



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