the delightful winter swap

Earlier this week I received a delightful package from Juanita, my Winter Swap buddy! I just had to share what she got me.

First (and I seriously regret not taking a photo of this), she packaged everything so beautifully! I am definitely lacking in that department (sorry Juanita).  CeeCee was also very enamored with the packing and played in the papers until I took them away from her.


more cuddly with the box than she is with her humans

I got some lovely fabric – vintage from Switzerland, lace trim, and a very hilarious cat print – I plan on turning the cats into another pair of mini-bloomers – I think the cats would prove to be an excellent juxtaposition to the femininity and cuteness of the bloomers.

Slide4 Slide3

I got some new patterns as well!


Aaaaand…last but not least, BUTTONS! Juanita sent a mixture of vintage-from-Switzerland buttons and some of her own handmade ones, which I thought was really cool.  She also identified the one area in my prodigious stash of craft supplies where I’m deficient – buttons. My button stash consists of an ancient Ziploc baggie full of buttons my great-grandma painstakingly snipped off of worn-out work shirts and squirreled away.  I have tiny white buttons aplenty, but they aren’t very interesting. Now I have some beautiful ones thanks to Juanita (:




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