birthday festivities

What a weekend it’s been – my last totally free days before second year starts, US Secret Classics (I am not at all ashamed to admit I am a huge gym fan), knitting, cleaning, and last but definitely not least – David’s birthday!  I don’t enjoy my own birthday, but I love celebrating others’ special days – mostly because it means I get to make fun handmade stuff (:

Another reason I get so excited about David’s birthday (besides the fact that, you know, I kinda like him) is CHEESECAKE.  I love having an excuse to bake and eat this delicious creation (recipe here).  I really recommend using this – it’s been our birthday treat of choice many times over.  This time I didn’t have any sour cream so I substituted nonfat Greek yogurt (soooo healthy, I know) and it actually made the cheesecake very light and fluffy in a good way.

To make up for not giving David a really cool handmade gift, I also made this thing (seen on Little Baby Garvin and reproduced with a six pack, a grocery bag and some mailing tape) and filled it with Trader Joe’s hot sauces and supplemented a delicious beer from our favorite brewery just down the street. Mmmm.



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