a product of my sewing frenzy

Hi all.  Remember how I basically fell off the face of the internetty earth for two weeks?  It was because I haven’t yet fully mastered the art of balancing blogging with making things for the blog.  Here’s something I actually managed to make (in FIVE DAYS, which is just record time for me) – Simplicity 1873!  Sorry for the blurry iPhone photo, but David and I are terrible at remembering to take photos of ourselves.  It looks a bit wrinkly, but that’s what happens after a very sweaty dinner + cab ride and a few glasses of wine.

reunion1Even though it gave me some trouble, I loved this pattern.  Since the fabric I chose to use was the nicest fabric I had ever purchased (and I only had JUST enough to make the dress), I decided to make a muslin of the bodice first just to check the fit.  I was really pleased I had done that because the original size was too small for me to have zipped and still breathe. Feeling very clever and proactive, I cut out a size larger around the waist only to discover that the bodice was now comically large on me.  I ended up taking it in quite a bit and also shortening the shoulder straps considerably because the bust darts were quite saggy for my shorter torso.  Conclusion? I need a dress form.

All struggles aside, I was so happy with this dress.  The cotton sateen was a delight to sew and I am now resisting the urge to break my nonexistent bank and buy all the sateen I can get my hands on.  I’ll definitely be using this pattern again – possibly the bodice pattern + a modified skirt pattern to recreate one of my all-time favorite Mad Men dresses: Peggy’s peekaboo pleat dress.


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