looking a little beady-eyed

I can’t help but feel a little sad that I’ve reached the end of my last summer break.  At the same time, I feel incredibly satisfied with how I’ve spent my vacation.  Of course, knitting and sewing took up a lot of my time, but I also tried some new things!  A few weeks ago I started an adult gymnastics class – twice a week I go to a gym and bounce around on mats with other like-minded bouncy adults.  I love it and I think I’m going to continue until third year.

I also have been trying out some new stuff in the crafty department. I just had my first glass beadmaking class at Lillstreet Art Center!  I’ve been very fascinated with glasswork ever since I was young and read an article about Dave Chihuly and fell in love with his bizarre, exuberant pieces.  I even wanted to be a glassblower for a period of time (and here I am in medical school…).  At art fairs, it was impossible to tear me away from the beadmaking booths.  Last month I was cleaning up some craft supplies and saw a few handmade beads.  One thing led to another, and I ended up registering for a class on a whim!


my first (lopsided) beads!

We’ve mostly just gone over the basics so far – the history, tools, materials, and a little bit of science behind the beads.  Once I (sort of) got the hang of the basic round bead, I played with some shapes and even tried some polka dots!  Of course, my ambitions for this class run from pretty normal (learn how to do spirals and improve my polka dots) to comically ambitious (make chickens and jellyfish).  We’ll see how it turns out! (:


playing with polka dots and color



  1. Aren’t you dabbling in many things?

    Also, I’m looking forward to putting some things together for the Winter Swap by Dressesandme for you. It would be great if we could start exchaning addresses, and learn more about each other… This is my email: juanita -at- juanitatortilla.com

    Looking forward to fearing from you.

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