(late) WIP wednesday: more juggling

But first, a story!  Once upon a time, I started knitting.  Shortly afterward, my boyfriend (at that time unaware of how long it took my novice hands to make anything) volunteered me to make two scarves (for his mom and grandma) for Christmas, with just a little under a month to knit them.  At the time I was also a bit overloaded with schoolwork and extracurriculars. Cue the panic attack – it was terrible.  Fast forward to two years later, I’ve created my own Christmas to-do list that makes those two scarves look like child’s play.

In order to prevent the feverish knitting and near-breakdowns (read: actual breakdowns while knitting at 3AM for the third night in a row), I started early.  Like two weeks ago early.  I’ve also decided to do some mass production of cowls in order to reduce the insanity that would be knitting eighteen separate gifts.

  • Tuesday Night Cowl – This is one of my mass production project of choice – I think I’ve got somewhere between six and eight of these planned for gifts.  I’m just finishing up my second one right now.                                       Slide4
  • Cowboy Booties – A friend requested knitted cowboy booties for her baby, due in December.  I couldn’t help but oblige, especially since the Giddy Up pattern is so cute!  I had one side of one boot all the way done but I realized the cables were a bit wonky, so…ribbit?  The pointy toe looks cute at least (: Slide5
  • Hunger Games cowl – I’m still fairly early on this project and nowhere near the experimental portion, but things are progressing nicely (:      Slide3

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