replenishing my pajama stock

One of the very few bonuses to never exercising is that you can use all of your “work out” clothes as pajamas.  Before I started going to the gym regularly, I was in this situation.  I had an endless supply of comfy exercise/lounge clothes that could easily double as pajamas, and vice versa (of course, I only used them as PJ’s).  Then I started working out, and I started actually using those clothes for their real purpose – sweating and moving.  All of a sudden, I didn’t want to wear gym clothes to bed; and when I got more “serious” exercise gear, I tossed my ratty old ambiguous pajama/workout stuff.  Here I am two years later with a dearth of pajamas.  I actually still wear the child size 12 SpongeBob Squarepants boxer shorts my mom sewed for me in junior high.  While I do love SpongeBob’s print cotton antics, I thought it might be time for some cute new pajama shorts. The other day, I made myself a pair of bloomers from Colette! I loved how fun and feminine the pattern was (also the fact that it was free. The free part was pretty essential).  The pattern was really easy and I love the waistband.


One last thing!  I’ve started the pre-washing, ironing and cutting-out process for two dresses – eeeee!!!  I’ll be doing Simplicity 1873 in a cotton sateen print and Simplicity 1880 in light blue poly crepe.  I know it’s a tall and probably highly unrealistic order, but I’m going to try and get both done before school starts (ha). I’m attending a wedding in August and it would be nice to have a selection of homemade dresses to choose from when I go. (:   I really wish I had a big workspace with which to cut out enormous amounts of fabric – I might actually use one of the big conference tables in the med school library.  Hopefully that won’t be the weirdest thing anyone has ever done in there, but it’s probably pretty close.



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