knitted namesakes

I love jellyfish. And squids. And octopuses.  Basically, I love anything in the ocean that has too many floppy arms.  I love these darn things so much that I named my blog after one of them, so of course I had to knit one (:


Whenever I’m at home with my mom, we always go to the craft store together (partly because we are always on the hunt for more craft supplies, and partly because no one else has our tolerance for marathon Jo-Ann Fabrics trips).  While we were there, my mom spotted this excellent book of sea creature amigurumi knitting patterns and bought it for me when she saw that I nearly cried tears of laughter and joy upon its perusal.  I remember vaguely that once upon a time I swore I would not take up amigurumi and/or felting until I had some very whimsical children who constantly clamored for whimsical handmade toys, but I guess that promise is broken now.  Hey – I am basically a whimsical child constantly clamoring for whimsical handmade toys, so it’s close enough (:


The projects are all excellent stash-busters because they use little bits yarn from wild colorways that I would have problems re-combining into a large-scale project.  The book seems to be just a bit above my current skill level – the jellyfish was supposed to be the easiest project and it still gave me some trouble. However, I do enjoy a challenge so I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the other animals.  Next up I think I’ll give the hermit crab a shot (:



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